What to Expect

We devote time to establish a comfortable working environment with our clients to achieve their vision. With our knowledge and experience, we offer a fresh new approach to avoid the “cookie cutter” way of thinking and provide reliable solutions to suit their unique needs.

What puts DPW above the rest is our upfront and honest approach to construction costs. We work hard to outline the project complexity and potential cost. We like to provide contingency plans and costs to avoid the “unforeseen”. Our honest and upfront way of working it creates a comfortable and healthy work environment for our clients and ourselves. It also helps keep costs low and saves you money.

Before we start, we provide a contract with details of our obligations and services, deposit and payments options, project timelines, completion dates and contingency plans for additional work. To ensure a positive working relationship and mutual understanding, we work together to agree on all aspects of the project and contract before any work begins.

Our management team at DPW Contracting , provides hands on, daily project management to ensure our standards and project schedules are reached.

We believe in the methods and goals we have set forward and that we can achieve the vision and experience you expect from a trusted professional.